Facility Management



MEKHEIRS has wide-ranging experience in facility management and invests significant resources into the recruitment and training of quality Facility Management professionals and operational staff. We have designed and currently perform Facility Management schemes for small to medium-sized estates in the Lekki environ, providing a breadth of technical and non-technical Facility Management services.

Our professionals are all keenly aware of the unique characteristics and operating issues associated with managing structural assets, as they have garnered more than 20 years combined experience in facility management services.

Our organization specializes in Facility Management services in the following areas, all of which we believe are key to the maintenance of your facility;

Hard Services

  • Mechanical Services

  • Plumbing Services

  • Building Fabric Maintenance

  • Fire and Life System Maintenance

  • Security Systems Maintenance

Soft Services

  • Cleaning Services

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Pest Control

  • Waste Management Services

The integration of these services into a comprehensive facility management program is extremely beneficial to the preservation of building fabrics decay. They however, also have several additional benefits;

  • Increased operational efficiencies; The specialized education, training and experience of our facility management staff, as well as technical and operational cadre means that we are able to carry out duties in each area with relative ease. Employing a facility management unit that has key specialist knowledge in each department means that professionals will not have to worry about the intricate details of maintenance or repair work in various units.

  • Lower costs; Delegating all facility management tasks to our company ensures that your facility would be contracting a significant number of individual, specialist tasks to one unit. This saves the large amount of cost that comes with sourcing and paying several different contractors to attend to repair/maintenance tasks, as well as dealing with operational market forces that accompany those issues.

  • Focus on core functions; In order to ensure that the organization we service enjoy zero to minimal disruptions, we take care of ancillary functions in their totality, thus allowing professionals to focus on their core business function.

  • Increases life span; our main goal is to not only preserve the value of the asset, but to neutralize deterioration and thus increase its lifespan. Our facility management measures will ensure the protection and longevity of each structure, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition for many more years thus increasing return of investment.

Facility Management Portfolio

Princely Court Oniru Estate
This is an estate within Oniru family estate Victoria Island Annex comprising 14 Units of serviced Terrace Houses.
Cleaning, Fumigation, Post Construction Cleaning
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